Guangdong Termite Society

  Established with the approval of Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology on February 20, 1979, Guangdong Termite Society is the first social organization for termite control research and academic exchange in China. Since its establishment 40 years ago, twelve provincial congresses have been convened, and twelve Councils have been democratically elected. The registration authority of the society is the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, and the supporting unit is the Institute of Zoology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences. The main tasks of the society are as follows:
  1.To carry out scientific research and academic exchange activities, publish academic books and periodicals, promote new technologies, new products and new ideas of termite control and formulate community standards that are suitable for the development of the society;
  2.To participate in public management and social services, undertake the functions of government transfer, entrustment and authorization, and provide corresponding public products and services; to carry out evaluation activities on professional termite control ability in member units and provide evaluation services on scientific and technological achievements in termite control;
  3.To provide termite control technology research, technical training, technical consultation and technical services;
  4.To provide decision-making consultation and suggestions for relevant government departments; to reflect the opinions and demands of scientific and technological workers;
  5.To carry out relevant public benefit activities.



  Address:Room 208, building 26, No.105 Xingang West Road Guangzhou, China.
  Postal Code:510260
  Chairman:Huang Jingling
  Vice Chairman:Zhong Junhong, Xiao Weiliang, Huang Shunming, Li Yizhen, Jia Fenglong
  Secretary general:Li Qiujian
  Deputy secretary-general:Xu Weijun